Ajiva is committed to offering superior support to all their customers. If you have purchased the Annual Support Agreement, you may use the e-mail support feature. We do suggest you refer to your user guides and the online help where you are likely to find answers to many common support questions. Online help is available on the SimpleHR client software.

To e-mail your support request, click here.

Please try to be as specific about your problem as possible. This will help our support staff provide a speedy resolution to your issue.

When you email Support, please have the following Information readily included:

  • Your name and the name of your organization
  • Type of operating system you are using (Example - Windows 2000 or XP)
  • Version of SimpleHR you are currently using (This can be located by selecting Help from the main toolbar and looking under "About SimpleHR").
  • Brief description of your issue.
  • Details of any error message you received

E-mail our support department at