Employees Information

Instant access to key employee information:

  • Employee Personal Information
  • Service history
  • Dependants and Emergency contacts
  • Attendance
  • Warnings/Grievances
  • Company Property
  • Employment Equity

Pay and Benefits

Review total compensation package:

  • Pay History including bonuses and deductions
  • Group Benefits
  • Vacation and Leave
  • Banking and Loans

Training and Development

Match skills and past performance to a position:

  • Performance Reviews
  • Education and Courses
  • Skills Profile
  • Awards and Recognition

Health and Safety

Document all Incidents and Accidents:

  • Incidents and Accidents
  • Medical records
  • Disability


Setup all positions with a complete profile:

  • Job description
  • Requirements - skills required
  • Pay Grade levels

Reports and Document Library

Prepare documentation instantly:

  • Pre-designed Letters and Forms
  • Over 50 Standard Reports


Document Management

Store all sensitive and legal documentation in a secure area:

  • Confidential document storage
  • Mitigate your risk, have all your documentation ready


Never miss a performance review:

  • Automated Reminders and Alerts

HR Dashboard

Receive an overview of your business on one screen:

  • View HR indicators graphically


Instantly view key employee information:

  • View Employee Summary
  • View Pay History
  • View Work History

Import/Export of data

Have the flexibility to customize the data your way:

  • Export to org charts -Visio and Org Plus
  • Export to Word and Excel
  • Import data into SimpleHR
  • Export data to other applications


Control the confidential employee information:

  • Group and User security
  • Password protected
  • Block out certain information areas by user

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