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Save Time & Be Organized
SimpleHR is the easiest way to organize your employee files. Store all your confidential information in one place and say goodbye to filing cabinets and cumbersome spreadsheets!

iconSave Money
By tracking all vacations, leaves and absences never pay for time that was not earned. Save on lawyer's fees by having all your documentation ready for any employee dispute. Protect your organization and reduce legal exposure.
iconAutomated Reminders and Alerts
Schedule reminders for performance reviews, benefit eligibility, probation periods, birthdays, anniversaries, training, reports and other company events. Prompts can be set so you will never miss an important date or deadline again.
iconJob Performance Reviews
Track all employee's performance reviews including past reviews. Select from the list of standard review forms or customize one for your company. Create manager's comments under each employee. Automatically schedule the next performance or disciplinary review.
iconSalary & Job History
Document all salary and job changes. View the salary history of each employee online including salary, bonuses and all deductions. Quickly view work history such as promotions and length of employment in a position.
iconHR Dashboard
Graphically view key Human Resource indicators for your company.
What is the turnover percentage?
Are you performance reviews done on time?
Are employees passing their training courses?
Is the salary budget within range?
iconTrack Vacation, Leaves
and Attendance

You don't have to work with a complicated spreadsheet again. Input your company's vacation and leave policies and SimpleHR will track the number of days available based on years of service. Spot absenteeism issues.
iconDocument Management
Store and view all employee documents in SimpleHR. View scanned images like resumes, applications, and accident reports stored by employee. You can also link to Word, Excel and PDF files.
iconDocument Library
To save you more time we have included a number of standard letters and forms such as: Letters: Offer of employment letter, welcome letters for new employees, termination letters Forms: Exit Interview, interview evaluation, employee survey and many others.
SimpleHR has over 60 standard reports, which will satisfy even the most sophisticated reporting requirements. Reports can be tailored by division, location, department and position. All information may be exported to Excel for further customization.
iconTraining, Skills and Awards
Track individual skills, store required courses, certifications and grades received. Document all awards, accomplishments and recognition each employee has received over the years.
Define benefits plans for each employee. Track their eligibility dates, premiums paid, beneficiaries, multi-employer coverage.


iconHealth and Safety Records
Maintain an accurate history of all incidents and accidents. Enter all medical assessments performed for company regulations.
iconImprove Communication
Communicate accurate information to employees and management. Handle the most common questions asked by the staff quickly.
Control confidential information with various security levels for different users. SimpleHR helps you comply with the new privacy laws.
iconOrganizational Charts
Produce up to date org charts by exporting employee information to Visio or OrgPlus. This will provide a graphical view of the organization showing the reporting structure.
iconWarnings & Disciplinary Actions
Document all written and verbal warnings. Capture employee and supervisor comments plus disciplinary actions.
Stores job descriptions, minimum skill requirements and salary grade levels by position.
iconEmergency and Dependents Lists
Access to contact information quickly in a medical emergency.
iconUnion Status
SimpleHR tracks union membership status, start and end dates, contract expiry dates and seniority.
iconCompany Property
Know which employee has what tool or equipment. This module will help the company control loss and ensure property is returned when an employee separates from the company.
iconRegularly Updated
SimpleHR is a product that is continuing to evolve. We are continually improving and adding new functionality to help our clients succeed in today's changing legislation.
SimpleHR OnlineSimpleHR Online (Pro)
Hosted, Cloud-based, version of SimpleHR including all features of 9.0 and many more plus unlimited users, phone support, implementation and integration with QuickBooks Online.
SimpleHR OnlineSimpleHR Online (Enterprise)
Hosted, Cloud-based, version of SimpleHR including all features of Pro plus unlimited users, more phone support, implementation and built-in integration with QuickBooks Online, and customizable integrations.
iconExport Information
Easily export employee information to Microsoft Word or Excel. This functionality is great for customizing reports and importing information into other programs. Saves re-keying the data.
SimpleHR is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1/8.0, 7.0, Vista, XP, 2000 and earlier.