What areas in Human Resources will SimpleHR help me?

SimpleHR can help you with all your Human Resource requirements for a small to mid sized company. This would include:

  • Salary History and Benefits
  • Vacation and Leave Tracking
  • Performance Reviews
  • Reporting
  • Reminders to keep track of Human Resource tasks
  • Emergency and Dependent contacts
  • Attendance
  • Training
  • Skills and education
  • Health and Safety
  • Document Library

What type of company is suited to use SimpleHR?

SimpleHR is a full featured Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that is best suited for small to mid sized companies or for a division of a large company. SimpleHR supports all industries and is ideal for manufacturing, services, construction, retail, credit unions, legal, medical, non profit, and many other industries

I do not know much about computers. Is SimpleHR easy to install and setup.

SimpleHR installs and functions like other Microsoft programs you use everyday. SimpleHR is designed for non-technical users and comes with data for a Sample Company for practice purposes. We have performed the majority of the setup. You will only to have to import your employee information.

Can I import my employee information from Excel or other databases into SimpleHR?

Yes. In order to reduce the re-keying of employee information SimpleHR will allow importing of data from Excel and other applications. SimpleHR includes an import module.

How does the QuickBooks Integration work?

SimpleHR has a tight integration with QuickBooks employee data. There is a Live one way transfer of data from QuickBooks to SimpleHR. No data will ever be copied into QuickBooks or QuickBooks payroll. This integration will remove the need to re-key data such as a change in address or salary in both programs.

How does the Ovation Payroll Integration work?

SimpleHR has a seamless interface with Ovation Payroll. There is a one-way export of data from SimpleHR to Ovation. This interface will remove the need to re-key data in payroll.

I know HRIS software will save me time. How do I prove it to my boss?

Please go to our Return on Investment section to calculate the benefits of SimpleHR for your company. These calculations will impress your CFO or owner of your company.

How is SimpleHR licensed?

SimpleHR (Desktop) is licensed with two products and SimpleHR Online is licensed with two editions. Click here to see the product comparison. SimpleHR Online is designed for companies needing a hosted, mobile, solution and unlimited employees. SimpleHR 9.0 is designed for companies with over 50 employees & want multi-user support. SimpleHR Express is the exact same product as SimpleHR 9.0 but is limited in use by a single user and supports a total of 50 active and terminated employees. SimpleHR Express can easily be upgraded to SimpleHR 9.0 which can be upgraded to SimpleHR Online.

Can we share information in SimpleHR?

Absolutely. If SimpleHR 9.0 is purchased, you will be able to share employee data with others in the department or senior management. There is full security so you can block others from seeing certain modules or confidential materials. With the Manager Self Service functionality your frontline supervisors and department managers will have immediate access to vital employee information, there by improving manager effectiveness and reducing administration costs.

Can I create reports in SimpleHR?

Yes. SimpleHR is delivered with over 60 reports that will be more than adequate for even sophisticated HR Managers. SimpleHR also comes with a selection of employee letters and standard Human Resource forms to save you time.

Can I make sure that no one else can see the confidential information?

Yes. SimpleHR is password driven. There is a full security system so you can block individuals from accessing confidential employee information.

How do I purchase SimpleHR?

We sell direct to businesses, non-profit and other organizations. We will work with your consultant or reseller and can set them up for your purchase. You may buy SimpleHR online

Is SimpleHR available Online as a hosted system?

Yes, SimpleHR Online is available in 2 editions - Pro and Enterprise - and includes all 9.0 features plus many more on a subscription basis. To see more information on SimpleHR Online or to get a free demo Click Here

Can I get a demo of SimpleHR?

To download a full version demo of SimpleHR please select Download from the toolbar on our website.

If I have a question is there product support available?

SimpleHR offers a support and maintenance option. Our optional annual support programs include unlimited email support plus version updates. Version updates refer to updates within your purchased version series such as from 9.0 to 9.0.1.