Small Business

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One Place for all Employee Information

Enter data into one human resource database instead of a combination of spreadsheets, word processing and paper files. This reduces errors and re-keying.

Eliminate Multiple Copies of Employee Information

Do three people in your office track the same information. Enter it only once.

Instant Access to Personnel Files

Answer those common employee questions of:
  • How many vacation days do I have left?
  • When is my next performance review?
  • When was my last raise?

This will take seconds instead of hours, which will increase the employee service levels and makes you and the company more professional.


Have the ability to easily report on everything from Salary history, vacations, absenteeism to who has what company property. No need to consolidate spreadsheets anymore.

Increase Employee Retention

If employees feel part of the team with better communication, performance reviews provided on time, you can retain your top performers.

Lower Turnover and Reduce Costs

Reducing turnover will hit your bottom line. If you can keep your turnover rates low then you will reduce your recruitment costs, training costs and overall administration costs.